Full HD video with H264 compressed HD streams via Ethernet or with SD video via SDI.

The “Flight Eye” cameras are a strong product family within Kappa’s portfolio. Modern high-performance electronics comprise the common technical denominator, based upon ...

...typical Kappa characteristics: extremely resistant, maximally reliable, and available long term! Model profiles have been formed for use in a wide variety of military and civilian aeronautics applications. Among the most common applications are UAV flight control (piloting and flight guidance), taxi-aid (take off and landing), situational awareness, as well as intrusion and ground security. Flight Eyes are meeting more and more demands in the areas of cockpit monitoring, MRO and aviation telemetry.


Flight Eye cameras offer uncompressed SD video as well as Full HD video via an SDI output, or H264 compressed HD streams via Ethernet, making these models predestined for real-time monitoring as well as for telemetry and on-board recording. Use of IRIG B timecode or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) guarantees time-synchronous recording to sensors in other devices. Every camera model is equipped with integrated optics offering a field of view from 17° to 95° depending upon model version. In outdoor applications, sapphire glass, heating, and IP 67 protection create ice- and fog-free visibility, while the MIL-STD 704 power supply guards against voltage fluctuation and electrical surges as well as lightning strike damage. Rugged Design, certified especially for aviation applications and tested according to RTCA/DO-160 and ED 112, ensures operational reliability in all fields. Thanks to increasing demand, Kappa continues to standardize more and more model profiles to meet industry requirements. Currently, an especially light-sensitive monochrome sensor for low light level applications in the near-infrared range is being added to the product family.