Dr. Sven Ehrich übernimmt Leitung Kappa "F&E" und "Projektmanagement".

Axel Zimmer führt neue Abteilung „Portfolio Planung und Produktmanagement“.

As of 1 June, Dr. Sven Ehrich has been named the new CTO of Kappa optronics GmbH.
Ehrich, a mathematician, brings experience in sensor development, project management, and development management to the position, most recently having served as Director of R&D at Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA in Duderstadt. Also an avid basketball player, at Kappa optroncis GmbH he will bring his skills as a team player to the leadership squad where he will be responsible for the R&D and project management areas, further expanding and developing them for the company’s future development.

In order to expand the future portfolio for existing customers and new market opportunities, Kappa has established  the “Portfolio Planning and Product Management” Division, led by Axel Zimmer. Zimmer brings a profound understanding like no other of technology and markets, as well as comprehensive experience, to the position. He is responsible for the newly created division within the leadership team.

Photo 1:
BU: New faces, new roles: Dr. Sven Ehrich (CTO), Axel Zimmer (Portfolio Management)