Advanced Digital Video Distribution Unit (VDU)

DVE systems with up to two cameras can be built as direct camera-monitor systems (CMS). For the integration of a larger number of cameras, our advanced VDU represents the signal processing core for all Kappa’s turnkey AE DVE & SAS systems.

This high-speed and digital FPGA based processing core offers multiple HD-SDI camera inputs and several HD-SDI outputs for lowest system latency performance glass-to-glass. Additional control and H.264 IP streaming interfaces greatly increase the VDU fl exibility and enable information sharing between vehicles.

Controlled by the crew or the gearbox switch, the VDU processes the selected camera channels, mixes and scales multiple camera information, performs driver assistance and
tactical overlays of text and icons, and fi nally routes the selected view data to the respective output for display on the cockpit monitors. Best in class signal processing techniques and scaling algorithms guarantee the low latency generation of crisp and sharp images even under severe diffi cult ambient light conditions.

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