High Definition, Embedded Linux and CMOS - a technological platform for customer-specific camera design.

The new CMOS camera platform does no longer require a PC: image data is directly transmitted to the monitor via HDMI/DVI or directly saved on the memory card by snapshot. The processor and the Embedded Linux operating system are directly on the board. The platform provides high definition live streams, up to 5 megapixels, max. 30 fps, FTP access to the web server and a great variety of interfaces with Fast Ethernet (RJ45), USB (2.0), HDMI (DVI), SVIDEO (Y/C), infrared and keypad. Also on the data side the system offers infinite possibilities. Streams and still images can be scaled and compressed practically without limitation. Encoding/Decoding is based on H264 (max 16 MBfr/s), MPEG2, JPEG and MJPEG. Comprehensive camera adjustments and smart image processing features are provided. It is also possible to implement facial recognition and motion detection. The concept is designed for a wide range of applications – the new camera concept meets all sorts of requirements.